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Contest Winner Featured SCP

SCP-173:Y Cerflunwaith - Y Tarddiad

by DR

Rhaid SCP-173 gael eu cadw cynhwysydd gloi ar bob adeg. Pan rhaid personél mynd mewn, dim llai na 3 yn gallu bod mewn ar unrhyw adeg ac mae drws yn rhaid gael ael gloi ti ol nhw.

Contest Winner Requested SCP

SCP-3564: The Immortal Bard, Act Ⅱ: Return of Shakespeare

The entity exhibits unusually high levels of muscle mass, tumorous growths in multiple limbs and organs, and appears to have been grown via anomalous means from the remains of William Shakespeare.

Contest Winner Featured SCP

SCP-3934: For Sale: Loch Ness Monsters

Instances of SCP-3934, classified as Plesiosaurus pygmaeus , grow to only just over half the size of other plesiosaurs, with adult males averaging 1.9 meters in length and adult females averaging 1.7 meters.

Contest Winner Featured Tale

The object's body shuddered, rattling in its stand. Captain Grounds snapped into a firing stance. The room surged with tension. She saw Ken's hand move from the anesthesia controls to the kill dial.


July 12, 2018

just a test

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